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SH Smart offices audio education entertainments surveillance Delivering an unmatched level of efficiency.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

3D Solutions

SH supports customers with 3D visualisation solutions that improve communication and knowledge transfer.

CCTV Monitoring Solutions

CCTV camera system is being widely employed as a security system for surveillance in ATM’s, offices, Shopping Malls, ATM Counters, traffic intersections, shops, as well as homes. It is used for monitoring purposes to keep a close vigil.Strategy Huge povides solutions for dedicated remote video monitoring capability nationwide, operating from a dedicated facility any where round the globe.

Audio Solutions

SH specialises in implementing critical listening and viewing environments of various types.SH- has a team of dedicated audio consultants, who over recent years have established themselves as the most creative and innovative audio installation & Integration Company. Our expertise is in delivering a superior technology for an optimal acoustical surroundings. Sometimes this means high quality background music with a consistent sound level everywhere in the listening area.

Background Music & Paging Systems

SH’s SH offers a complete Audio solution packages that provide the best performance, and reliability for all commercial facilities to the largest hotel, Auto Dealerships, Shopping Malls, Retail Stores, Fuel Stations, Hospitals, class rooms, halls and theatres, from input to output.

Acoustical & Sound Proofing Solutions

SH focus on elegant designs perfectly matched for recording and broadcast studios, music rehearsal rooms, Houses of Worship, boardrooms, offices, staff rooms, gymnasiums and Auditoriums that require efficient sound absorption to improve the audio integrity and intelligibility plus the performance and dynamics of the room.

Web Solutions

SH offers web applications with intuitive and have simplistic user interface designs. Our strength lies in knowing your business. We listen to you and help you achive your goals, making your business more active, economical, and profitable. We are your Web Department at work. By the combination of our experienced manpower and latest technologies, we create a solution that you require.

Technology is continuously, and rapidly, evolving. It is an ongoing process and demands continual learning. The Team at SH are ready to embrace change for successful technology integration. We help in integrating your business systems, processes, and functions that can make each person in your business happy and stress free, with operations and business functions working together faultlessly.

Technologies that we provide helps in improved customer service, Increase in sales, better your work environment, reduced expenses and save time. Your business has unique needs, and your time is precious. We design solutions that is simple and streamlined.

Audio Installation:
One of the Best, finest & Powerful installation of the new age Digital PA System TURBOSOUND MILAN M-15 M-12 Speakers ALLEN & HEATH QU 32 Sennheiser E 845-S Dynamic Super Cardioid Microphone AKG WMS 40 MINI VOC-SET
2015, Cochin

Acoustic Insulation:
Hi- Tech Broad Casting studio Acoustic Insulation & Solutions EY TVM Acoustic Barriers DGU Glass Windows/ Seperations
2015, EY, Kinfra Trivandrum