3D Solutions

3D Solutions

SH supports customers with 3D visualisation solutions that improve communication and knowledge transfer. 3D solutions provide a realistic experience anytime, anywhere. 3D solutions help in better and effective communication, increase in sales & decrease the cost of training and travel.

3D Holographic sales and marketing materials.

There has been a revolution in 3D imaging. Visual communications use various 3D imaging tools which offer exiting entertaining and interactive shopping experience to customers.  3D Holographic sales and marketing materials will grab your customer’s attention. Our unique design and display units would be a traffic stopper and would prominently highlight the product and services.

3D holographic tele presence.

Telepresence is a practical and affordable solution for seminars, events, tradeshows, and classroom/training applications. Holographic telepresence systems can project realistic, full-motion, real-time  3D images of distant people and objects into a room, along with real-time audio communication, with a level of realism revealing physical presence.

3D holographic print and visual media advertisements.

SH designs, develops and implements state-of-the-art 3D holographic images and displays for a variety of 3D visualization applications in commercial markets which dramatically improve situational awareness, collaboration and decision-making. Holograms and dynamic displays are portable, scalable, intuitively-understood and easily viewable to help customers turn a wide range of 3D data into reality. Discover the new idea’s in advertising.