Audio, video production and broadcasting Solutions

Audio, video production and broadcasting Solutions

SH also specialises in implementing critical listening and viewing environments of various types. We provide design, construction and consulting services for professional audio/video facilities, multi-media presentation rooms, residential home theatres, performance and entertainment spaces, houses of worship, industrial acoustical applications, product development, transportation facilities, sports venues, and numerous other types of projects.

  • Home theatre to Hi-end Studios (TV/Radio) with 3D facility

    SH offers complete system integration for various streams like Broadcast, Post-production for Video & Audio, Digital Intermediate for Film, Real-Time On-Air Graphics, Radio & Media Automation, Subtitling, Video Encoding/Decoding etc.

  • Gesture controlled walls

    Touch and Gesture interaction are emerging as the preferred way to access, manipulate data and express information. SH offers a range of touch and gesture technologies that can be integrated with 2D immersive 3D environments and on direct view displays.

  • Broadcast Studios

    Broadcast and studio facilities are becoming more common in business and organizations outside of traditional media. As more creative/knowledge based contents are generated and the access to video editing equipment increases, more and more groups are becoming broadcasters. SH offers implementation of Broadcasting Studios based on your requirement.

  • Audio/Video production suites

    The SH provides audio/video studio and related services to industries. Whether it’s picture or sound post for Film, Television, Video Games or new media, the preservation, restoration and archiving of your media assets, or full digital content services - we have the right combination of technology backed professionals to overcome any challenge.