Smart Offices and Homes

Smart Offices and Homes

SH’s smart Offices/ home technologies are designed to deliver an unmatched level of efficiency and simplicity when it comes to office/home automation control, providing each user with a custom smart “O” & “H” System. From any setting–your home, office, high rise apartment or multi-dwelling unit–SH’s smart OH solutions can be easily adapted to fuse seamlessly with your personal design and artistic flavour.

  • Security & Surveillance
    CCTV is one of the most important and commonly used security system for public safety, business and homes. SH offers services from professional Implementation of surveillance camera to virtual monitoring of your premises from a totally different location.

  • Automation & Control Systems
    Imagine, with the wave of a hand, adjusting the thermostat without getting out of bed, or turning up the music in the other room while in the shower, switch off your fan, open your window curtain and much more . SH helps to provide your homes and offices to allow remote control of all their electronics and required gadgets

  • Tele Presence
    With Telepresence video conference, you can positively change some of your travels with virtual meetings. You don’t need to decrease frequency of meeting or sacrifice quality of travel. With Telepresence you can meet with your team, clients, and partners from wherever you are, avoiding the time and hassle associated with travel, saving money, improving group collaboration.

  • Interactive Kiosk
    Create an interactive experience, accessible to any business, enhancing customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs. A durable, easy access kiosk is ideal for most commercial environments including Retail, Public Sector, Healthcare and Leisure. Kiosks can be further customised to match your brand identity.

  • Virtual Gaming Zones
    Make your game room a vip theme oriented room , with custom-painted walls ,PCS, a giant-screen TV, an Xbox 360, and the world's first LAN scoreboard.

  • Smart Conference Rooms
    SH strongly believes that the secret behind a smart meeting room is seamlessly integrated, break-through technology, which lets people focus on the meeting and its content. Our state-of-the-art meeting rooms and multi-media facilities offer a great user experience and a comfortable, esthetical environment.